Estate Planning Basics

Estate Planning Basics. In Illinois, assets titled in an individual’s name must go through probate unless there is no real property in the individual’s estate and the assets total less than $100,000. Probate is the court process that allows assets to be transferred upon one’s death. When probate is necessary, additional fees to the estate … Continued

Top Real Estate Law Questions Answered, Videos!

Crystal Lake Lawyer Mark Saladin, P.C., a partner at McHenry County law firm Zanck, Coen, Wright & Saladin PC answers the top questions he gets asked as a real estate attorney. How much do attorneys charge for a residential real estate transaction? Link to transcript of “How much do attorney’s charge for a residential real … Continued

Mark Saladin at Woodstock HS to Teach Legal Section in the IncubatorEDU Class

Mark Saladin recently taught the legal section in the IncubatorEdu class at Woodstock High School. Mark assisted the class in discussing entity structure for new ventures, contracts, and conducted mock interviews with each of the teams. The IncubatorEdu class allows students to produce a product or a service that may eventually make it to the … Continued

Medicaid Crisis Planning

Here are some hard facts: 1. Approximately 63% of people aged 65 and older will need long term care. 2. The average annual cost of assisted living and long term care ranges from $48,000-$83,500. 3. The average life expectancy of Americans is now 77.6 years. 4. Total cost of care can exceed $900,000! Possible Medicaid … Continued

What is the process when I’m buying a home? We answer

What is the process when I’m buying a home? Mark Saladin, Crystal Lake Business Attorney answers. Zanck, Coen, Wright Saladin is a McHenry County Law Firm. Hi, I am Mark Saladin, I am one of the partners here at Zanck, Coen, Wright & Saladin in Crystal Lake Illinois and I’ve been a practicing attorney for … Continued