When can I change the Locks? Landlord, Tenant. Real Estate Law. VIDEO

Landlords ask: “When can I change the locks?”. Jennifer J.: “Hi. My name is Jennifer Johnson and I’m a partner here at Zanck, Coen, Wright & Saladin. I’ve been with the firm since 2005. I concentrate my area of practice in landlord/tenant law, real estate, general civil litigation, construction litigation, and I also handle some … Continued

Legal Zoom or a Lawyer? Mark Saladin PC answers, VIDEO

Hi, I’m Mark Saladin, I am one of the partners here at the law firm of Zanck Coen Wright & Saladin in Crystal Lake. I’ve been practicing here at the firm for over 30 years and part of my business is involved with the business and corporate area of the law. What’s interesting in the … Continued