What is the process when I’m buying a home? We answer

What is the process when I’m buying a home? Mark Saladin, Crystal Lake Business Attorney answers. Zanck, Coen, Wright Saladin is a McHenry County Law Firm.

Hi, I am Mark Saladin, I am one of the partners here at Zanck, Coen, Wright & Saladin in Crystal Lake Illinois and I’ve been a practicing attorney for over 30 years; most of them right here at this firm. Today we are going to be talking about common real estate questions.

If you are a buyer and you call into our office to assist you with a transaction, once we take a look at the contract, you have the right to do a home inspection. During that timeframe there may be issues that we have to negotiate with the seller to either repair or provide a credit for those items at closing. So that’s usually the first part of the transaction.

Then we will assist you in obtaining your loan, assist with dealing with any questions that you have or the lender may have with respect to securing your financing and then we coordinate to get to a closing. So the process usually will take 60 to 90 days depending on how fast we can help secure your financing then we get to a closing where we actually take care of handling transferring the property to your name as the buyer, secure the rights of the lender and close the transaction.

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