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Whether you are an employer or an employee, you will often encounter a maze of employment laws and regulations governing your rights and obligations.  These laws and regulations are complex and constantly changing.  The law firm of Zanck, Coen, Wright, & Saladin, P.C. can explain these laws in layman’s terms and assist you in understanding your duties, and enforcing your rights.

At Zanck, Coen, Wright, & Saladin, P.C., we have counseled employers and employees for nearly 40 years.  We keep abreast of the ever-changing laws generated by our State and federal legislatures, agencies, and courts of law.  Our firm can assist you in understanding and enforcing your rights in all areas of employment law, including wage and hour regulations, workplace policies, employment and  non-compete agreements, severance agreements and terminations, discrimination and harassment, accommodations, leaves of absence, whistle-blowing and retaliation, unemployment compensation, and workers’ compensation.

If you have questions in any of these areas of employment law, or if you are searching for trusted and sound legal advice and representation, contact the law firm at Zanck, Coen, Wright & Saladin, P.C.