Medicaid Crisis Planning

Here are some hard facts:

1. Approximately 63% of people aged 65 and older will need long term care.
2. The average annual cost of assisted living and long term care ranges from $48,000-$83,500.
3. The average life expectancy of Americans is now 77.6 years.
4. Total cost of care can exceed $900,000!

Possible Medicaid Scenarios

A. Either you or your spouse is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.
B. Grandma, who had been living alone, suffers a serious stroke and can no longer care for herself.
C. Dad, who had been living in a wonderful retirement community, falls and injures himself, and now must be moved to a nursing home.

Would you know what to do?

We are prepared to help ease your burden by guiding you through the complicated process of qualifying for Medicaid assistance without depleting all available assets.

Our Services

1. Medicaid Asset Protection Roadmap
2. Medicaid Asset Protection Trust
3. Assist with securing a Medicaid Compliant Annuity
4. Drafting a Medicaid Compliant Promissory ?Note
5. Revocable Living Trust
6. Wills
7. Powers of Attorney for both Healthcare and Property
8. Application for Medicaid

Are you prepared?
Debilitating chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s/dementia can quickly drain your life savings. Our goal is to help families, overwhelmed by the sudden need for and cost of long term care, design a plan to ensure peace of mind by developing a method to pay for the care without devastating the fruits of a lifetime of hard work ands avings.

While a Will is a well known and reliable tool, it is only effective once a person has died. Estate Planning includes documents such as Trusts and Powers of Attorney, that are effective while a person is alive

What drives us at ZCWS is the desire to offer our clients compassionate and effective legal services to help determine how to pay for long term care without the need to liquidate all of the assets of a lifetime of hard work and savings in order to qualify for Medicaid.