How much does it cost to incorporate business? Mark Saladin PC answers, VIDEO

Hi, I’m Mark Saladin, I am one of the partners here at the law firm of Zanck Coen Wright & Saladin in Crystal Lake. I’ve been practicing here at the firm for over 30 years and part of my business is involved with the business and corporate area of the law.

Questions that we get after we make a determination or as part of the consideration is the cost to incorporate or to organize a limited liability company.

If we do that in the state of Illinois, typically the cost for a profit corporation in the state of Illinois will be approximately $100 as the filing fee with the Secretary of State. A lot of times the client will want that expedited so we usually would do that on an expedited basis and we can do that within a matter of hours; so it can be done fairly quickly and that usually would be an additional $60 or $70.

If you organize a limited liability company in the state of Illinois, the state charges $500 initially as a filing fee. And again, if we do it on an expedited basis, there will be some additional cost for doing that. After that point, there will be attorney’s fees and if you’re a corporation, we also like to order a corporate record book and stock certificates for your business right away and that usually costs an additional $200 or so.

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