Should I make my business a corporation or an LLC? Mark Saladin PC answers, VIDEO

Hi, I’m Mark Saladin, I am one of the partners here at the law firm of Zanck Coen Wright & Saladin in Crystal Lake. I’ve been practicing here at the firm for over 30 years and part of my business is involved with the business and corporate area of the law.

Occasionally we will get a question as to whether or not there is an advantage for a corporation versus let’s say a limited liability company (LLC). There are differences between the two of them; a lot of that goes into how they are accounted for from a tax standpoint. So we always ask that the client consults with their accountants or their CPA relative to the tax implications of a transaction.

From a liability standpoint, we will take a look at what the business is all about and what they do and we assist that person in coming up with the best entity structure for their business.

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