Zoning and Entitlement Practice, Tom Zanck

Tom: Now the process of zoning or entitlement is different depending on what governmental entity you are going to appear before.

For example if you are going to appear before the county, the process is you appear before the Zoning Board of Appeals, you have an evidentiary hearing before the Zoning Board of Appeals and then they make a recommendation to the county board. And then the county board which is composed of 24 voting county board members and six different districts in McHenry County for example, would make the ultimate decision.

But what’s interesting in the county is individual townships. I think there are 10 townships in the county of McHenry that have their own plan commission. So in advance of your going before the zoning Board of appeals in the county you would appear before the plan commission of an individual township such as Coral Township and then there after you would appear before the Coral Township Board of Trustees.
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So in that event you would have four different hearings that you would have. And certainly in those situations we would prepare all the documentations and be your advocate in that situation.

Now with municipalities, normally there is only in a zoning or in a land entitlement situation, there is only two hearings; normally is before a plan commission and then before the elected village board or the city Council. And again in that situation we prepare the documentation, we find out who adjoining property owners are, make sure the notices are posted, published in compliance with whatever municipal law we happen to be operating under.