Why We are the Right Partner for Business Succession Planning

Succession Planning for the Business Owner

Why Zanck, Coen, Wright & Saladin PC is the Right Partner for Business Succession Planning

Patrick D. Coen: We as a firm have tried to concentrate on the business owner here in McHenry County. We don’t pretend to represent a McDonald’s or a General Motors or a large corporation. We don’t pretend to represent anybody in all 50 states.

Our concentration is a small business owner in McHenry County

and fortunately our practice has grown as the county has grown because McHenry County is home to a lot of small businesses and those small businesses usually start out as sole proprietorships and grow over time.

And as a result we’ve kind of seen everything and as a result of that we’ve had the expertise of “that works” or “no that hasn’t worked” in the past and we don’t think that’s a good idea.

So I guess our expertise is the scars that we show from past experience in dealing with other businesses in McHenry County in trying to move them with business succession planning to a successful transition or succession plan.