What is a Non- Adversarial Divorce?

With Tamara A. Marshall, PC, Zanck, Coen, Wright & Saladin
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What is a Non- Adversarial Divorce?

So when I tell people that I have recently dramatically changed my practice to all non-adversarial divorce clients, the question becomes: what is non adversarial? And it simply means not bringing your problems to court for the court to resolve.

The court system is an adversarial process. It’s designed to create winners and losers, black and white; that’s good for business because you need certainty but it’s not good for families.

Non adversarial doesn’t mean that we are not arguing, I certainly don’t expect people to not argue their differences of opinions through the divorce process but it means that we are dealing with those disagreements in a way that minimizes conflict.

Our goals are to put everybody in the best situation they can be in which is not going to be everything they want but it’s not going to be winners and losers either because that’s not good for a family so non adversarial means pretty much we are not going to court, we are going to do the best we can work things out in a way that’s fair to everybody.