What if I Don’t Have Insurance and I Have Been in a Car Accident?

Hi, my name is Carolina Schottland. I am an attorney with Zanck, Coen, Wright & Saladin here in Crystal Lake Illinois and today we’re going to be talking about personal injury cases or more specifically, car accidents.

Who Pays For Your Medical Treatment when:

  • You Don’t Have Health Insurance
  • You Don’t Have Car Insurance
  • You Don’t Have Medical Payment Benefit

What if you don’t have health insurance or you don’t have car insurance or you don’t have a medical payment benefit under that car insurance,

Who pays for your medical treatment after a car accident? – You.

This is a tricky situation because if you do not have a source of insurance, again we have discussed that, we cannot force the other insurance company to pay anything until your treatment is done. That means you have to figure out a way to obtain treatments and pay for it or figure out a way to obtain treatments and defer payment for later.

This is a tricky situation because most doctors will not agree to treat you with the anticipation that they will eventually receive treatment. You can usually get away with an emergency treatment but a lot of emergency room treatment is not particularly good for a potential personal injury case.

There are some companies out there that we can work with to try to get you treatment or there might be some doctors that we know of that might be more likely to give you treatment based on the lean basis or an idea that they will get paid when the third party pays.

So it is a very good idea if you do not have insurance to discuss this with an attorney to see whether or not there are other ways to get you treatment or other suggestions so that you can move forward with treatment.

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