Welcome Video, McHenry County Law Firm

Welcome to the Zanck, Coen, Wright & Saladin Law Firm Website!

I’m Tom Zanck.

Our law firm Zanck, Coen, Wright and Saladin was co-founded by me in June of 1974 and we started out as two lawyers that wanted to address the needs of local business people and their families; both in the area of transactional purposes, law, real estate and in litigation where those needs would arise.

I am really proud to tell you that since that time we have grown to a staff of 20 people and we have excellent attorneys who have gone to law schools across the country and have the capability of meeting your every legal need. So I would encourage you to look at our personnel. I know you will be impressed with, for example, the community involvement that our employees and our lawyers have.

I look forward to hearing from you! If you have a legal need, please feel free to call me or any one of our attorneys.