I want to sell my house without a broker, what do I need to do? Video

I want to sell my house without a broker, what do I need to do?

Mark: Hi, I am Mark Saladin and I am one of the partners here at Zanck Coen Wright & Saladin in Crystal Lake Illinois and I’ve been a practicing attorney for over 30 years; most of them right here at this firm. Today we are going to talk about common real estate questions.

Occasionally we will get calls for people who want to sell their house on a for sale by owner without using the services of a real estate broker.

When we have the situation, they are a number of disclosure forms that are required under Illinois law that would have to be provided to anyone who is looking at the property. So we make sure that the person has the appropriate disclosure forms. We then would have to assist them in preparing a contract.

In McHenry County we have a standard form contract that was put together by the Realtor’s Association and reviewed by the Bar Association. So it’s a standard form that covers most situations. So we would use that form to assist a seller in providing a contract for the transaction.

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