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People come to Tamara to plan for life’s inevitable transitions. Whether you are planning for your own longevity, assisting your aging parents, or you have a child who just turned 18 and is leaving the nest, Tamara can help you identify what steps you need to take to ensure the legal documents are in place for whatever life throws your way. If you are asking yourself questions like:

“Do I need a trust?”

“What is a living trust?”

“What is the difference between a trust and a will?”

“Do I need a power of attorney”

“Why should I avoid probate?”

Tamara will answer those questions about “estate planning” in a simple and understandable way. Whether you have just received a negative diagnosis, or you are proactively planning for the long term, Tamara has the knowledge and experience to address your legal needs with the empathy and compassion of a friend. Schedule a consultation with Tamara to get more information.

Tamara grew up in Southern California. In response to the frequently asked question “Why do you live in Illinois?” Tamara repeats that she missed the people, fireflies, and thunderstorms of the Midwest when she briefly returned to California, and has lived in Illinois since 1991. In her spare time Tamara enjoys riding her Peloton, practicing yoga and crocheting.

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