On Taking the High Road, Divorce and Avoiding Litigation

With Tamara A. Marshall, PC, Zanck, Coen, Wright & Saladin
Divorce, Family Law, General Civil Ligation Lawyer

The reason I have chosen to eliminate litigation from my family law practice is because of the harmful effect it has on children and the children have no choice in what’s going on and they are very often the most impacted by the divorce process.

Studies say that how children adapt in a divorce is mainly determined by how their parents are getting along so; that is a very good reason to not engage in an adversarial process because it will and does directly impact your children.

And often I have clients say to me, “I am always the one taking the high road, why does it always have to be me?” And my answer to them is, “Well would you rather have your child have one reasonable parent and one difficult parent or two difficult parents? How do you think your child is going to be better off?” And when I frame it that way for them it makes it a little more tolerable to always be taking the high road.