What is Workers Compensation?

Probably one of the first questions we should answer when we discus worker’s compensation is just what is Worker’s Compensation? Worker’s Compensation is an area of law that’s distinct from other areas of law. It’s a separate court system from what we traditionally think of as a court system. It’s not a circuit court system so … Continued

What Benefits am I Entitled to? Workers Compensation.

Another question that we get asked frequently is: What benefits am I entitled to on workers compensation? Generally speaking you are entitled to three workers compensation benefits. 1) When you lose your salary from a work accident and you are unable to work due to a doctor’s recommendation you are entitled to what is called … Continued

Negative Consequences, Workers Compensation Claim

One of the biggest concerns that employees have when they are contemplating filing a Worker’s Compensation injury case is whether or not they will lose their job or what negative consequences they will have from their employer if they pursue a Worker’s Compensation matter. That question is rather complicated one because Illinois is an at … Continued

I Got Hurt at Work, What Do I Do? Workers Compensation

One question we get frequently is: I got hurt at work now what do I do or what do I do first? One of the most important aspects of workers compensation is that you have 45 days to let your employer know that you were injured as a result of a work-related accident. That’s speaking … Continued

How Do I File a Workers Compensation Claim?

So how does a person file a workers compensation case? When you are hurt at work, and this is before you might have an attorney, you may get contacted by the workers compensation insurance carrier that send you a letter, you have a claim number, you have an adjuster, technically that is not the workers … Continued