Personal Injury, Can I Handle a Case on My Own?

By Carolina Schottland, Personal Injury Attorney

The opposite side of the question of whether you should get an attorney after a car accident is whether you can handle a personal injury matter on your own. The answer is probably yes if you are willing to put in the work.

As we have discussed before, one of the more overwhelming aspects of a case is making certain that you are organized and understanding all the medical bills associated with the case.

It is also understanding who has paid those bills, who still needs to be paid and what are the options available for paying those bills. If you understand your health insurance and your motor vehicle insurance or medical payment, then yes, you could make certain that you are balancing everything and that everybody that needs to get paid is getting paid and then you are essentially just waiting for everything to be resolved, all the treatment to be resolved so that you can discuss the matter with the insurance company.

It is possible that an adjuster will bring up the final compensation or it’s possible that you might have to bring up that final compensation. And so when we discuss that, some people ask me: well then, what does an attorney do for me? What are the benefits of getting an attorney?

Well we work very, very hard to put as much money in the pocket of our clients as is possible.

So that means that we understand the value of a case and we make the maximum demand that we believe is possible under the circumstances. Not only that, we also understand that most of the treatment providers and the insurance providers are willing to negotiate.

We understand the methods necessary to work out what needs to get repaid. So part of our job is maximizing your recovery but it’s also minimizing what you eventually have to repay so that you get more money in your pocket.

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