I’ve Just Been in a Car Accident, What Do I Do First?

Hi, my name is Ms. Carolina Schottland. I’m an attorney with Zanck, Coen, Wright & Saladin right here in Salt Lake Illinois. Today we’re going to be talking about personal injury cases and more specifically, car accidents.

We’re just going to jump right in and talk about the first question: “You just got in a car accident, what do you do?”

Well with any car accident, whether it’s your fault or somebody else’s fault, you should immediately call the police.

This is important for many reasons. You need to get a police report and documentation about what happened in the accident even if it’s your fault. You may need this report for your own insurance purposes. However, especially if it is somebody else’s fault, there is going to be vital information on that police report that will help you in the long run as you pursue a case against the other person.

The second thing that you should do is determine whether or not you need to seek medical attention. Now this might be something that the officer decides for you or it could be something that you decide to either after the accident or a couple of days after the accident but it is important for you to get medical treatment so that there is a causal connection between the accident and the treatment that you are receiving.

The third thing that you should do immediately is take pictures if warranted. If it’s a more serious accident, take pictures of the damage to the vehicles. If there are injuries to your person you should take pictures of those. For example, such things as bruising, cuts, scrapes so that you have documentation in case you want to pursue things further with the insurance company.

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