How much will it cost to get divorced?

How Much Will It Cost to Get Divorced?

With Tamara A. Marshall, PC, Zanck, Coen, Wright & Saladin
Divorce, Family Law, General Civil Ligation Lawyer

A very frequent question I get is “how much will it cost to get divorced?”

I think people know this when they asked the question that my answer is going to be I have no idea because that depends and it depends on the level of conflict between the divorcing couple. It depends on how committed they are to keeping their own costs down and making decisions and compromises to minimize the financial impact of a divorce on their lives.

I think that if the divorcing couple can at least agree that they don’t want to give a substantial amount of money to an attorney or attorneys, if they can agree on that then they shouldn’t go to court and litigate. They should find some other way whether be collaborative law, whether it be mediation; that’s the answer to keeping your cost down.