How Does An Attorney Get Paid on a Personal Injury Case?

How does an attorney get paid for representing somebody in a car accident case? by Carolina Schottland, P.C. Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Attorneys get paid on what’s called a contingent basis. Now there aren’t rules specifically in regards to personal injury with how much and attorney can get for a personal injury or negligence matter like there are with workers compensation where we are limited by statute.

In personal injury, it can be a wide range. Most attorneys, you will find, charge a one third contingency fee and that is what our office generally charges for personal injury matter which means that when we settle the matter for you we will receive one third of those settlement proceeds prior to other distributions.

Now some attorneys might charge up to 40% and some attorneys might charge less. You would have to speak with an attorney to figure out what the contracted contingency rate is. However most personal injury matters are handled on a contingency basis which means that you would not pay unless your case is settled.

However if you do hire an attorney, an attorney is allowed to earn the actual value of his or her services if you later decide to hire another attorney or try to resolve the matter on your own and finalize everything without an attorney. In that case, we are entitled to was called quantum merit which means that we can gain back what we have put into the case.

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