Do I Need An Attorney? Workers Compensation

One of the most frequent questions we get asked when we take on a Worker’s Compensation inquiry is whether or not you need an attorney. The answer is maybe.

You do not need a workers compensation attorney to work with the workers compensation insurance company to make certain that they are giving you the benefits that you might be entitled to.
For example when you get hurt at work and you file with your company or with human resources, they know that you are injured, they send you to a treatment provider, you will often get contacted by the insurance company that handles the workers compensation insurance right away or within a few days or a couple of weeks and they will start the benefits that you are entitled to.

That does not require a workers compensation attorney and if the insurance company does the right thing, you will eventually get the benefits that you are entitled to including your final compensation which we will talk about in another segment.
However an insurance company does not work for you and they are not working or looking out for your best interests so they might be inclined to save themselves money; if you do not know the rights that you are entitled to they probably will not tell you.

They reportedly may not tell you the range of benefits that you are entitled to, so if you do not ask for those benefits they may not voluntarily give you those benefits.

So even if you have a work injury where you are working with the workers compensation insurance company and they seem to be doing everything that they need to do, it is a good idea for you to talk with an attorney so that you can understand all the benefits that you are entitled to and you can understand whether or not you should get an attorney.
There are certain protections in place with workers compensation so even if you go through the entire process and they offer you what’s called permanent partial disability, they arbitrarily are supposed to look out for your interests and decide whether or not they will accept a settlement contract with certain benefits or percentages in that contract.
However, there is a wide range that each injury could settle at and you might not have the full protection. You might not be getting the full value of your case even though the arbitraire are supposed to be making certain that the insurance company isn’t taking advantage of you; so it’s always a good idea to consult with a workers compensation attorney.