Top 4 Questions Zoning and Entitlement Practice

Here are the top 4 questions we get asked regarding Zoning and Entitlement Practice. 1. What has changed about Zoning and Entitlement Practice? Community Opposition and Zoning has really changed over the past 10 years. 2. How Does the Zoning Process Work? Zoning Appeal, Rezoning and Entitlement Appeal 3. What is the Process of Zoning … Continued

Community Opposition and Zoning, Tom Zanck

Tom: What’s changed over the last 10 years is community opposition to zoning requests. And I can’t deny that the social media aspect of community opposition has really enhanced the organization of people who simply do not want a village, a city or a county to approve that application that a petitioner has filed seeking … Continued

Zoning Appeal, Rezoning and Entitlement Appeal, Tom Zanck

Tom: The zoning process is significantly different depending on whether you are in a county seeking permission from a county government or whether you are in a municipality. For example, in the County of McHenry, if you were seeking to change the zoning in let’s say Coral Township in rural Marengo or Union, not only … Continued

Zoning and Entitlement Practice, Tom Zanck

Tom: Now the process of zoning or entitlement is different depending on what governmental entity you are going to appear before. For example if you are going to appear before the county, the process is you appear before the Zoning Board of Appeals, you have an evidentiary hearing before the Zoning Board of Appeals and … Continued

Acquisitions, Zoning & Entitlement, Tom Zanck

From a zoning or an entitlement standpoint, one thing that you really have to review when you’re making an acquisition of a new plant or a piece of property that you want to expand. You have to determine what the present status of the zoning is, what things you can or can’t do. Because you … Continued