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Meet Heather Kroencke

Heather: Hi, my name is Heather Kroencke, I am an attorney at Zanck, Coen, Wright & Saladin, where I focus my practice on estate planning which includes estate administration and probate as well as real estate purchases and sales of commercial and residential properties and also property assessment appeals in McHenry Lake and Kane County.

As part of my practice I help families and individuals, when they come to me and need either a basic will or a more complicated estate plan, guide them through the process – what it takes to set it up as well as funding it to make sure that it really follows their wishes when they pass away. I also help families when a loved one does pass away either with administering the trust estate or probate estate where necessary.

As part of the real estate practice I do I will help out a buyer if they are purchasing a new home or commercial property in the suburbs of Chicago also if they are selling one; so if they are trying to relocate, move or get rid of a second home or anything of that nature.

But the property assessment appeals, those are very big in McHenry County. We do quite a few of those at the firm. We have a very short timeframe that you can appeal those so it’s very important for property owners to make sure they get those to our firms that we can do a free analysis to see if it’s worthwhile to appeal their assessment.