What is involved in the divorce process?

With Tamara A. Marshall, PC, Zanck, Coen, Wright & Saladin
Divorce, Family Law, General Civil Ligation Lawyer

… and because it’s so detailed we have taken so much time to gather all the questions that we need to ask and answer, I can focus and the divorcing couple can focus on the information and the decisions they need to make.

We don’t have to worry about the process; we don’t have to worry about what rule we need to follow to get a judge to decide this problem or that problem. We have our process, we don’t have to worry about it so we focus on what’s important and that’s the decisions they need to make about their finances, about their future, about their children and how that’s going to look so it removes the burden from me and from them of having to worry about the process.

And I think that gives people a lot of comfort because going to court is nothing if uncertain so just knowing what the next meeting is going to be about and what they need to do before the next meeting and what type of questions we are going to talk about at the next meeting; I think it removes a lot of the stress and uncertainty which obviously is very stressful.

It also helps us maintain emotions. I am not naïve; I don’t expect everybody who is going to get a divorce to come in my office and be able to sit calmly down and never get upset, that’s unrealistic but we have ways of dealing with that and you can deal with that outside of the court system.